lundi 20 mai 2013

Find the tea trees

I thought of a little game while looking at the photos I took in WuYi Shan a few weeks ago to illustrate how wild nature is in this very particular place.

So, the game is very simple: you just need to find out where the tea bushes are on the pictures (the first one is easy !).

The poetic charm of WuYi touches deep in the heart, and gives a powerful sensation of purity and energy. The tea's qi is extremely strong, and you can really experience the feeling of its vibrations in the middle of all this very dense nature.

5 commentaires:

  1. Merci.
    Schopenhauer voyait comme seule échappatoire de l'homme à sa condition misérablement humaine, la contemplation orgasmique de la nature. (Je schématise, et je n'ai jamais lu Schopenhauer).

  2. Et la nature de WuYi Shan est un véritable enchantement qui donne raison à Schopenhauer !

  3. Oui, j'aime tout particulièrement la quatrième photo, on dirait un aquarium d'Amano !

  4. Superbes photos, merci Charlotte ! On s'y croirait.

    (je suis un grand fan d'Amano aussi. Certains de ses "tableaux" sont sidérants.)