vendredi 14 décembre 2012

Tea Shirt Tree !

In China, I came across a particular tree, with t-shirt shaped leaves, as you can see (look carefully). The first time was in Shanghai... but it was difficult to find some elsewhere although I always made sure to check all the trees around, because I really wanted to find some in the country. I finally met the t-shirt tree again this year, in Zhejiang province, in a tea garden. I have absolutely no idea of what kind of tree it is. But what I know, is I don't get to see one very often.

The t-shirt trees in this tea garden are baby ones, they have been planted less than a year ago, just next to tea bushes. Precisely what I wanted to see : tea and t-shirt trees together !

In winter
Without your t-shirt leaves
You look like the other trees

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