mercredi 5 décembre 2012

Jingdezhen Tea Jars

I'm testing three new Jingdezhen porcelain jars since a few weeks now. A small celadon one for a Ding Gu Da Fang, a medium sized white one for traditional Tie Guan Yin, and a bigger one for Bai Lin Hong Cha (because the leaves are voluminous).

Firstly, I'm really enjoying the beauty of these tea jars and their decorative effect. It's a simple, yet great pleasure handling them almost every day. Beauty is very important in ones life, it's uplifting for mind and soul. Such objects make tea and tea time even more precious.

But the most important is their impact on tea. And I can't tell why in a scientific way! These porcelain jars just make teas better. And it can be any sort of tea: green, red, wulong... I can always notice the difference in fragrances and aromas. The smell of teas becomes a very subtle delight. So what's the trick? I 'm definitely not sure. Of course, the material is important for everything that touches tea, but concerning the dry leaves, I didn't think it could be so obvious. But after a number of experiences, I'm absolutely convinced. Porcelain, clay and wood really have an important effect on the tea they shelter. To me, this Jingdezhen porcelain is absolutely wonderful because of its delicacy and purity. Bags and tin boxes are not so bad, but nothing really magical happens with them.

Hand made pure and natural porcelain tea accessories have something vibrant, something unique. So it's finally not a surprise if tea is so much better in such a jar. And I'm thinking to myself: no need to know exactly why! Anyway, high quality leaves deserve the best setting.

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  1. I am glade that I found your blog, Charlotte. Keep going!...maybe you have read it but if not here is something to your topic too


  2. I took the time to read about tea jars on Tea Masters, and it's very interesting...

    Thank you for reading and writing a comment. And I'm really glad to read your blog too.

    See you later.