mardi 2 octobre 2012

Lu Shan Yun Wu

The 2012 spring harvest of Lu Shan Yun Wu is simply beautiful. The before Qing Ming one is an absolute treat. Lu Mountain is famous for its natural beauty and its mysterious misty landscapes. The mist blankets appear all around the year, keeping the tea trees in a soft and pleasant humidity. But Lu Shan is also known for its cold winter weather (sometimes, tea trees get to freeze!), and its fresh spring winds. The average temperature in this part of Jiangxi province is around 12°C. Leaves and buds always stay quite thin and small. And they often look a bit irregular because of the great difference between day and night temperatures. The "terroir" is rich, and water element is very present. Artists of all times celebrate the beauty of Lu Shan.

The rainy-stormy weather today seems really fine to brew this tea. Because Lu Shan Yun Wu has something warm and comforting, compared to most green teas. The dry leaves offer a deep green color with silvery shimmer. The very delicate down is not easily visible on the dry leaves, but when you brew, you can see it in suspension in the water.

I usually brew this tea like other chinese green teas, in a zhong or glass, but today, I'm going to prepare it in a little porcelain tea pot. No matter the way you choose to brew LSYW, it always seems a bit strong in the first place. But it reveals in the second place, a sweet and soft fruity taste. The texture is velvety and soothing, almost like maple sirup or something like that. It seems the after-taste can last for ever, if you don't eat anything else after. Speaking of eating, LSYW is great associated with coconut custard tart (made from coconut milk). You can brew the same leaves quite a couple of times, which is not always the case with before Qing Ming green teas.

This tea gives a deep heart-warming sensation. It brings smooth stimulation to the body and mind, in the most delicate way. I wouldn't say LSYW is a relaxing tea, yet it's vibration is serene and peaceful. To me, this tea is perfect in any situation (special or not) because it simply gives a real good mood feeling (which can be very useful sometimes!). Some teas appear to be suitable to any situation, as some are more likely to be appreciated in specific moments. Although the weather or seasons impact our choices, there are no particular rules. Our body usually knows what's good for us, and is naturally attracted by the tea we need. We should always listen to our intuitions... and follow them ( not so easy to do).

Tea is all about peace and freedom. With a clear mind, we can make the right choices. When I drink a genuine tea like Lu Shan Yun Wu, I'm absolutely sure it's making me healthy, happy, and serene. People should never forget to trust themselves to find the right tea, and make their own experience of it.

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