mercredi 15 août 2012

Nature's Treasures

Summertime is perfect for spending long moments looking at Nature's treasures, and observing the connections between all things. I have taken several days of holiday, and spend a lot of time outside, just being in contact with flowers, trees, day and night skies, insects, birds, and so on... I just wanted to share some of the beautiful things I see, here and there. Vacation is the time to find wild places to prepare tea, slow down and stay still. But it's also an every day spirit to seek for beauty.

So, of course, I look for tea preparing spots, as often as possible. And I try to make sure harmony, in every details (tea, spot, tea wear, water, mind, etc) will be present in a very natural way. It's very easy, because you only have to follow the tea's guidance.

When I find the right place, I settle down in quietness, simply open my senses, and then, prepare a nice cup of tea. I just enjoy the moment and certainly don't try to analyze the tea's flavors, because it's a moment for BEING, nothing else but being. Watching nature and drinking tea in the purity of mindfulness. Nothing more. In that way, I always feel a sort of lucidity, and get to meet fantastic things, such as animals, special flowers, fruits, shooting stars at night, breathtaking sunsets... I feel so lucky when I meet, for example: dancing butterflies or dragonflies, frogs, snakes, squirrels, powerful trees, etc. It seems I'm exactly at the right place, on the right time. A few days ago, I found crayfishes in the little river near my home. I was really glad to know it means that the water is pure and unpolluted (even though I wouldn't brew tea with it!).

Beauty is everywhere present in the world, and it's something very important to see, because it can bring a sense of unity, naturally inspiring the will to preserve and protect all living things. Tea also provides this sense of unity and a deep understanding of Nature.

 The spider above was patiently waiting for any small insect which would fall on its web, and grab it in less than a second. I was quite impressed of its particular beauty, beyond its scaring aspect (and I can tell you it was a very big spider!). We could easily be repulsed by such animals, (and it's an interesting mechanism to observe), but when looking very carefully, we can see their perfect beauty.

In tea gardens, you can also meet all sorts of animals, insects, or wild flowers. And each of them have a special part to play. We also know that some teas need specific insects to develop their aromas and fragrances, which represents a few cases. More generally, the ecosystem interactions are very rich and important.

 The example of chicken is an interesting one, because they are very useful, eating all sorts of unwanted bugs in the tea bushes, which will provide shade to them on hot days, in a well-balanced relation.

Looking at nature reveals the deep harmony existing in the universe. And coming across mother nature's gifts of any kind gives the opportunity to realize it.

For humans, tea is a very particular gift. This plant has something absolutely unique, and concerns so many people around the world. Tea's vibration is obviously very strong and special. No other plant could bring as much benefits. Tea spreads its peace message in an absolute subtle, yet profound way since thousands of years.

Nature's treasures are everywhere. So, we owe to train ourselves to see and appreciate them. It's really our responsibility to cultivate open- mindeness, and that's exactly one of the things tea teaches us.

Drinking tea outdoors, in a special place, is not only a great moment. It's most of all the occasion to look within ourselves, and see the inside and the outside are one.

 What a simple pleasure, just relaxing by the water, drinking refreshing tea, enjoying the moment and admiring the landscape. It's really important to recharge our batteries from time to time.

In our stressed modern lives, we definitely need some breaks. Hopefully thats what tea brings on a daily basis. But even longer and deeper breaks makes us more open to tea's peaceful and uplifting benefits.

10 commentaires:

  1. encore un très beau billet, merci !
    j'aime beaucoup ton (tes) gaiwan baladeur et cascadeur :)

  2. Merci.
    Les vacances, ça ne fait vraiment pas de mal et ça laisse le temps de s'amuser avec les gaiwan!

  3. Je rejoins Sébastien dans son commentaire : belles photos, et très jolie porcelaine ! Tout cela fait très envie...

  4. Merci.
    Les gaiwan en porcelaine viennent de Jingdezhen. Ils se mariaient particulièrement bien au décor rivière/sable/galets.

  5. >> Les gaiwan en porcelaine viennent de Jingdezhen.

    Je l'aurais parié. Très belles acquisitions !

  6. Oui, ils sont super! Cela fait longtemps que j' utilise ces deux gaiwan, notamment pour les déplacements: d'une part, ils sont petits et sans sous tasses, et d'autre part, ils se rangent dans une petite boîte bien solide qui ne tient pas de place et les protègent parfaitement. Autrement dit, ils sont pratiques, beaux, et efficaces en tous points!

    Bizarrement, je n'ai jamais recroiser ce model. Il en existait tout de même quelques pièces (surement une bonne cinquantaine, d'après mes souvenirs), et puis, plus jamais l'occasion d'en revoir. L'artisanat chinois est tellement riche et multiple, certes. Mais parfois, on peut trouver des modèles plus ou moins ressemblants, ou des classiques, qui sont fabriqués régulièrement...

    Je suis donc bien contente d'avoir ces gaiwan. Au fil des achats (surtout en Chine), j'ai appris qu'il fallait savoir se décider lorsqu'on avait un vrai "coup de coeur", car remettre à plus tard (en se disant qu'on en retrouvera ailleurs), signifie souvent: se passer tout bonnement de l'objet convoité! (ce qui n'est pas grave en soit, mais quand même un peu décevant).

  7. J'ai la même expérience avec le Japon... Combien d'objets ai-je laissé sur leur étagère, qui viennent encore me hanter parfois, me narguer à l'idée qu'ils y sont encore... ? ^^

  8. C'est vrai que cela arrive partout, du moment qu'on a affaire à des objets artisanaux. J'ai moi aussi quelques accessoires pour le thé qui me hantent parfois... Ils ont quand même un certain pouvoir! En revanche, je ne sais pas s'ils sont encore sur leur étagère. Ce pourrait-il qu'ils attendent notre prochain passage? Il m'est déjà arrivé de me rendre à nouveau exactement dans la même boutique, et malheureusement, l'objet repéré n'était plus là! Quand ça se passe comme cela, je me dit qu'il ne devait pas être fait pour moi... (il faut bien se consoler).

  9. En même temps, je suis capable de passer mes journées dans des échoppes de céramiques, donc c'est normal que je laisse des choses sur les étagères... ;-)

  10. Je suis bien d'accord, car dans le même cas.