samedi 16 juin 2012

Tea for everybody

The sun is shinning today, but it's also very windy. Perfect for tea. Anyway, it's always the right weather and the right time for tea! Every day is a good day for tea. But not only for tea lovers. Often, people ask me when they can start giving tea to their children, or is tea ok for everybody. My answer would generally be: High quality tea is good for everybody, no matter young or old.

1°) For young children, tea isn't a problem. You only need to be careful with quantities. They can't tolerate too much of it. But a little cup of the tea you are brewing for yourself will make a great taste education, and will let you share delicious moments. My 3 year old girl drinks tea since more than 2 years now, and everything's alright. I continued drinking tea during my pregnancy, and I'm really fine. This extraordinary plant has so many health benefits to give. It would be a pity to do without. My daughter enjoys all sorts of teas and her senses are getting sharper every day.

2°) We always should think of Lu Yu's words: "On the one hand, high quality tea is very good for health, but on the other hand, low qualities should be considered as poison". Masters of the past had a very deep understanding of tea, that we can refer to when seeking for answers.

3°) Another important thing is to trust your own experience, and remember that all sorts of things (good or bad) are said and written about tea... Just be a bit careful, not everybody knows about tea (including doctors).

4°) The best we can do, is drink high quality teas, in a reasonable way (it all depends on what we are used to). Tea is a very rich and active plant. And not everybody can take the same amounts. It depends on your own constitution. Once again, TRUST YOURSELF.

I drink tea since I'm young, and it's always been a great pleasure. I think people shouldn't worry so much. Stay simple and natural. And don't forget each tea is as unique as each person.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bravo pour ce billet intéressant, et merci de nous ramener vers le bon sens des premiers maîtres de thé.

  2. Oui, les premiers grands maîtres avaient tout compris! On ne peut que en prendre de la graine.